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Lately, I’ve had a lot of photographer ask me where I got my wooden floors. I made them myself !!
It’s super easy & quick. You can make your own floors too !

I absolutely LOVE my new double sided floors.

( and HOME DEPOT has all of this πŸ™‚ Or Im sure Lowes, Rona any home hardware store )

WOOD – We went to home depot and picked up 16 – 8 foot Pine planks
STAIN- Can be any colour of your choice – I used Varathane Premium Wood Stain In Kona & Walnut ( 2 kindS) Kona is really Dark tho
White Paint – you can choose any white Paint of your choice. I went with the Same paint I used for the studio which is more of a warmer tone:)
Paint roller- Any size will do πŸ™‚
Paint Tray
A rag – Used for staining πŸ™‚
Sponge – for getting tight spots or small brush

Now that you have all your supplies it’s go time !
I set up Outside ( If you’ve ever seen me paint you would know why ) LOL

Directions :

1. Line up all your wood

2. I started with the White paint first, so I painted one side be sure to get in all the nooks and crannies using either a small brush or sponge.

4.Let Dry, Once Dry flip these bad boys over It’s time for some stain !

5. Carefully open the can of stain using a rag dip in and coat the opposite side you have painted. and Repeat ( I used two coats)
I didnt actually like how dark it was at first so I ended up sending the board through the plainer and then re staining in a lighter Walnut Stain:)

6. Once dry It is time to put them up ! I used a curtain rod to slide the wood behind, for me to be able to flip when needed

There you have it ! Easy as Pie LOL

Now you have a beautiful DOUBLE SIDED new floor to photograph on ! You can keep your wood against the wall By putting up a curtain rod and placing the wood behind

The Finished Product :








and an updated Version Of my Wall & floor πŸ™‚

diy floor

diy floor