Newborn Posing


Often times I am asked by newborn photographers what my newborn workflow on my table looks like and  I am so excited to share this cheat sheet I have created for you with my go to poses.

My goal is to do each pose but of course baby runs the show and if I have to skip one that is okay ! Keeping in mind I don’t always do every pose during a newborn session. This is because not every baby will feel comfortable in every pose and that is fine. I can create variety of images with each pose using accessories and camera angles. What is most important to me is that baby is cozy and content. I hope you find this cheat sheet helpful with your workflow. 

Since the pandemic in 2020, my scheduled workshops were put on hold. I ended up having to cancel a couple workshops across Canada. With the Pandemic in ,ind and not being able to get together, I thought I would create something educational online and downloadable for you. With that said Keep your eyes out for a PDFI will be releasing soon with more in depth details of how I achieve each pose ❤ Stay Tuned

Maxine is an award winning professional newborn photographer and photography educator who specializes in posed newborns. Often called the baby whisperer Maxine is recognized for her use of vibrant colour, newborn posing & attention to detail. She has mastered baby soothing techniques, allowing her to get even the fussiest babies into comfortable cozy poses that parents swoon over.